$1 Million Fine For NBA Facebooking During Lockout

The start of the NBA season this fall be may delayed indefinitely due to the lockout after salary negotiations ground to a halt — and as part of the lockout, any Facebook or Twitter contact between players and teams will result in a strict million dollar fine and perhaps loss of picks.

The league locked out its players when negotiations failed to agree upon a new contract and heads butted on every single aspect from salaries to salary cap, revenues to revenue sharing.

Interestingly enough, now social media is playing a vital role in how teams can communicate with players during the dispute. The NBA and its Commissioner David Stern (pictured) have put in place some pretty tight lockout constraints that forbids coaches, general managers, all front office personnel from communicating via Facebook. With regards to Twitter, the NBA officials can follow players but under no circumstances can they re-tweet messages.

If teams are discovered breaking any of the stipulations during the lockout they will face the strict fine, but even worse, the possible loss of draft picks which allows them to select the creme de la creme basketball talents in the country.

Reportedly Stern and the NBA’s front office will not bend the rules and are playing hard ball all the way with their demands.

“The league office is digging in,” one general manager told ESPN.com. “They made it clear to everyone that they’re going to crack down hard on any sign of contact with the players and they said they’re going to be very vigilant.”

Well readers, this article begs the question: How much Facebooking is actually going on between the NBA players and team management? And in general, which sports teams are you a fan of on Facebook?

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