2,278,668,214 Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Likes 2013

StacksOf100sFacebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is receiving a base salary of just $1 for 2013, but he won’t be clipping coupons anytime soon, as he still finished atop the 2013 CEO Pay Survey from independent researcher GMI Ratings.

The new report covered 2,259 publicly traded companies in North America and factored in sales and proceeds from stock options, as well as salary.

According to GMI, Zuckerberg’s total actual compensation for 2013 will be $2,278,668,214 — more than double the figure for the second-place finisher on the list, Kinder Morgan CEO Richard Kinder, at $1,116,685,089.

All of the top 10 CEOs on the list will receive total actual compensation of more than $100 million for 2013, and GMI said the average pay increase for CEOs was 8.47 percent, with Senior Research Analyst Greg Ruel, the report’s author, adding:

In the more than 10 years that GMI has been publishing this report, I’ve never seen a top-10 highest-paid list that loomed this large. While the companies in this year’s list have performed well over the past three- and five-year periods in terms of shareholder return, generally speaking, it’s the sheer size and volume of equity awards granted to these top executives that catapults their total compensation to astronomical levels.

Readers: Are you surprised that Zuckerberg topped GMI’s list?

Mark Zuckerberg photo by Justin Lafferty. Money image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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