3Q Digital Offers Peek At 3Q Facebook Ad Performance By Its Largest Clients

3QDigitalLogo650With Facebook set to report its third-quarter earnings Wednesday, digital marketing agency 3Q Digital offered some insight on how the social network’s advertising changes and focus on mobile impacted some of its largest accounts.

3Q Digital said the accounts saw a combined 466.6 million impressions in the second quarter, encompassing News Feed and right-hand-side ads on both desktop and mobile, generating a click-through rate of 0.57 percent.

In the third quarter, 3Q Digital found that:

  • Impressions slipped to 363 million.
  • CTR rose by 14 percent, to 0.65 percent.
  • CTR for right-hand-side ads was unchanged, at 0.03 percent.
  • Ads in the mobile News Feed posted the strongest performance, with a CTR of 1.69 percent, up 26 percent from 1.34 percent in the second quarter.
  • Cost per click for desktop News Feed ads was down 21 percent, to $0.42 from $0.43.
  • CPC for mobile News Feed ads, meanwhile, rose to $0.29 from $0.25, a 16 percent jump.
  • Cost per page like for desktop News Feed ads fell 51 percent, to $1.03 from $2.10.
  • CPPL for mobile News Feed ads slipped 18 percent, to $1.28 from $1.56.

The agency concluded:

The new ad types and targeting options, combined with an increased focus on the mobile experience, appear to have improved Facebook’s ad performance. Moving forward, advertisers should seek to optimize both creatives, which are central to the critical News Feed placement, and the conversion process on phones and tablets, since mobile’s rising CTRs will also inflate CPAs (cost per acquisition) if the conversion path offers a flawed experience.

Readers: Did any of the results reported by 3Q Digital catch your attention?

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