50M+ Facebook Groups Get Sharing Button And More

Over 50 million groups have formed on Facebook since the feature debuted on social network six months ago, and now the site has made it easier to share content using a new send button.

The feature lets you limit individual shares to other members of your group — improving upon the like plugin, which when clicked, posts items to your news feed for all friends to access.

The new send button becomes available on over 50 websites today, and more are coming soon. This plugin has the potential to push the number of groups on Facebook well beyond its current number, which currently amounts to about one group for every 13 users on the site.

Another feature announced today might further help grow the number of groups on Facebook: The addition of membership controls let the owner of a group approve new members before they get to formally join.

Plus groups are enjoying the assimilation of recently improved features such as questions and photo albums.

The two images below show the most popular names for groups — The larger the word, the greater the popularity. The first one shows college students’ groups.

This second image below shows the most popular group names among seniors, ages 65 through 80. Notice how family takes priority over friends in the older demographic — plus the inclusion of religious terms?

Readers, what do you think about the groups feature so far — and how might enhancing it help Facebook expand its advertising revenues.

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