Read any review and it will highlight the company’s identity as a technology firm. may be best known as an online reputation management company, but how do you think it gets results for its clients? It gets results through its heavy investment in R&D, as well as its long list of best-in-class, proprietary technologies.

Many of these technologies exist on the back end—they are used only by the staff in its efforts to service client needs. With that said, many of the company’s innovations are fully available for direct client use. Clients who wish to use these technologies need only visit the Command Center.

What is the Command Center? The Command Center is the centralized hub at which the majority of the company’s technologies can be found. It is a one-stop-shop dashboard for all the most advanced ORM technologies on the market today.

Most any review will attest to the Command Center as the key piece of the puzzle, the thing that clicks the company’s service offerings into place. wishes to make it easy and convenient for its clients to assume control of their online branding campaigns. The Command Center offers exactly that—convenience and control.

The Command Center is best understood in terms of the individual technologies that it houses. To this topic we will devote the rest of this review.

Tracking, Monitoring, and Reporting Tools

In an effort to ensure that clients are always totally up-to-speed and in control of their campaigns, has made a number of tracking, monitoring, and reporting tools available in the Command Center. The role of these tools is to ensure that clients can always assess how well their campaign is going, and where their online reputation currently stands. A few specific components include:

  • Search Engine Position Tracking. The Command Center will log both past and present SERP positions for the client’s targeted keywords; this includes the search engine results for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As the campaign progresses and yields positive results, the client is able to actively track the changes from the Command Center dashboard. This tool makes evident the most important campaign results.
  • Brand Monitoring. Reputation monitoring is an important piece of reputation management, yet most of the monitoring tools available elsewhere are limited in their capabilities. This is not the case with Command Center’s Brand Monitoring tools; as most any review will surely attest, the monitoring tools monitor any and all brand mentions across Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more than 300 other sites. This tool even scours the deep Web, where even Google and Bing search algorithms do not go.
  • Results Tracker. Something else that these reviews will mention is the Results Tracker. This Command Center tool offers real-time, 24/7 reporting, making it easy to stay on top of a campaign’s progress.
  • Attack Watch. Finally, there is the Command Center’s Attack Watch feature, which sends up-to-the-minute alerts every time the client’s brand is mentioned in the same paragraph as a word like “scam” or “complaint.” The Attack Watch tool also sends alerts when the brand is mentioned at a potentially negative site like, or


Social Media Tools

In addition to reporting and monitoring tools, the Command Center also offers social media management tools. Most any review will surely make note of this feature, as it is one of the cornerstones of the Command Center. It is also one of the very best social media management tools on the Web, in many ways surpassing similar tools such as HootSuite.

We note the same thing in our review: The social media tools’ offers are stellar, allowing clients to manage all of their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, and WordPress sites from one centralized location. The turnkey tools offered here can give any brand an advantage over competitors—at least as far as social media is concerned.


Review Moderation Tools has invested heavily in tools to help companies control their online reviews. In particular, has developed a review moderation widget. When attached to select websites, it gives users the ability to leave their feedback for the company in question. clients, meanwhile, are able to moderate these reviews, highlighting positive and constructive ones but weeding out defamation.

The Command Center houses the back end features. Here, the company’s clients can monitor their reviews and decide which ones to publish, and which ones to cut. This Command Center tool is all about putting control in the hands of the clients.


Content Management Tools’s team creates large volumes of original content on behalf of clients—and it is important to the company to provide those clients with full control over that content. That’s where the Command Center’s Content Management tools become so handy. With these tools, clients can review, reject, approve, and review content before it is ever published to the Web.

That’s not all they can do. Clients also have the option of downloading and transferring the content that’s been created on their behalf, even passing it along to the members of their legal team for review. This level of convenience is part of what separates from other companies in its vertical.


Task Management System’s Command Center boasts a unique, proprietary task management system. This one-of-a-kind technology allows for the full tracking of a campaign’s progress, and proof of accountability. This feature is essential for ensuring that each campaign is streamlined and remains on track.


Considering the Command Center

The Command Center is perhaps the brightest example of’s technological focus. The company has innovated many tools and features—but it’s not innovation just for the sake of innovation. As any of these reviews will tell you, these innovations are all designed to provide clients with greater ease and efficacy in controlling their online brands.

The final word in this review: The Command Center is simply the best example of ORM technology currently on the market.