Social Media Finishes Dead Last In ACSI Study Of Website Experiences For 34 Industries

ArmThumbsDown650Social networks delivered a very unsatisfying result in a recent study of users’ website experiences across 34 industries by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, coming in dead last with a score of 68 on a 100-point scale, compared with the top industry, credit unions, which tallied an 86.

The ACSI said it conducted more than 25,000 interviews on users’ experiences, and Founder and Chairman Claes Fornell said of social networks in a release announcing the results:

The huge amount of traffic on social media websites creates a user base where preferences, abilities, and interests vary greatly, unlike the user base of a credit union, for example. The large number of users also has led to a degree of monopoly power such that the threat of user defection due to dissatisfaction is, at least for now, not very potent.

Here is how the 34 industries studied by the ACSI fared, on a 100-point scale:

  1. Credit unions: 86
  2. Consumer shipping: 85
  3. Banks: 85
  4. Hotels: 84
  5. Full-service restaurants: 83
  6. Property and casualty insurance: 83
  7. Limited-service restaurants: 82
  8. Food manufacturing, soft drinks, breweries (combined): 82
  9. Automobiles and light vehicles: 81
  10. Life insurance: 81
  11. Apparel, athletic shoes (combined): 81
  12. Department and discount stores: 80
  13. Airlines: 80
  14. Internet brokerage: 80
  15. Specialty retail stores: 79
  16. Health and personal care stores: 79
  17. Personal computers: 79
  18. Supermarkets: 79
  19. National Website Satisfaction Index: 78.2
  20. Internet retail: 78
  21. Televisions and video players, household appliances (combined): 78
  22. Wireless telephone service: 77
  23. Cellular telephones: 77
  24. Internet travel: 77
  25. Internet portals and search Engines: 76
  26. Energy utilities (cooperative, investor-owned, and municipal combined): 75
  27. Computer software: 75
  28. Ambulatory care, hospitals (combined): 74
  29. Fixed-line telephone service: 74
  30. Health insurance: 73
  31. Internet news and information: 73
  32. Subscription television service: 72
  33. Internet-service providers: 70
  34. Social media: 68

Readers: Are you surprised at how poorly social media fared in the ACSI study?

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