Facebook’s newest Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer is social advertising and optimization provider Adaptly, which announced Tuesday that it had made the social network’s SPMD cut.

Adaptly can now tap into Facebook’s advertising and marketing feature to provide its clients with strategies that are suited to their needs, and the company gains access to priority product and business support, training, and advanced access to new features.

Adaptly Co-Founder and CEO Nikhil Sethi said:

The brand advertising problem remains the most critical area where Adaptly is providing best-in-class solutions to help define value and return on investment across the offline and online bridge. As a Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, we will continue to work alongside Facebook to develop innovative buying experiences for our brand and agency partners to pave the way for new opportunities to leverage the power of Facebook with traditional media buying methods.

And Facebook PMD Program Manager John Yi added:

I’m very pleased to welcome Adaptly into the SPMD program. Marketers on Facebook benefit greatly from trusted partners that are well-aligned with us, that fully understand and effectively utilize our suite of products, and that have committed to the rigorous ongoing demands of maintaining the high standards of the SPMD program.