AdParlor: Mobile Facebook Ads Are Effective, Especially On Android

As Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wonders how the company can make money off mobile users, there’s some good news out there. New numbers from AdParlor, which manages Facebook ad campaigns for companies such as American Express and Audi, show that more people are clicking on mobile ads than desktop ads.

Some key figures from AdParlor’s newest report:

  • AdParlor saw 13 times the click-through rate on mobile ads compared with desktop ads.
  • Click-through rates are about 15 times higher on mobile ad campaigns than non-mobile ad campaigns.
  • The average click-through rate for a mobile ad: 1.32 percent, compared with a 0.086 percent rate for non-mobile ads. Non-mobile sponsored stories have a click-through rate of just 0.119 percent.
  • The cost per click is lower for mobile ads, at an average of $0.42 (compared with $0.60 for non-mobile ads). Non-mobile sponsored stories had an average cost per click of $0.54.
  • The average conversion rate on mobile ads for cost-per-fan campaigns: 68.4 percent (84.16 percent for non-mobile, 74.45 percent for regular non-mobile ads, 90.18 percent for non-mobile sponsored stories).
  • Mobile ads had a click-through rate of 1.23 percent on Android phones, while iPhone and Blackberry checked in at 0.76 percent each.
  • For every 1,000 fans AdParlor drove from mobile to a brand’s page, that page received an average of 10.5 comments (compared with 8.5 comments from fans referred from a non-mobile placement).

AdParlor also chipped in with its take on what’s next for the mobile advertising landscape:

Given that sponsored stories are organically occurring content rather than ad units and users appear to be genuinely interested in them (based on the CTR data in this report), we believe advertisers can soon expect to have more mobile inventory on Facebook. Showing more ads could negatively impact CTR and users’ responsiveness to mobile advertising however, we feel this will be negligible in comparison to the positive impact that the increase in inventory will have on the platform.

Readers: Do you interact with mobile ads?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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