ALERT: Massive Profile Spy Scam Strikes Again

It appears as though Facebook users can’t stop falling for the scam which claims to make it possible to let you see who has viewed your profile.

Despite warnings posted by sites around the web, thousands of users continue to be duped by the ProfileSpy scam. This is a multi-pronged attack, taking place from landing pages around the web, as well as Facebook applications, Facebook Pages, and more. There have been numerous attacks like this in the past, however this one is comprehensive and appears to have slipped past Facebook.

We’re watching hundreds of people, by the second, install the application and click on the app based on the activity going through Facebook search right now. In contrast to previous scams which have leveraged various like-jacking techniques, this new scam actually uses the Facebook Platform to get permission from users to post to their profile. It just goes to show that most people don’t pay attention to the Platform authorization screen, they just proceed if there’s a significant enough incentive.

All you need to do is avoid installing any application that claims to let you know how to view who has viewed your Facebook profile. Also be sure to share this article with other users so they can avoid getting hit by this scam.

Profile Spy Scam

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