Ampush Details Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign For LivingSocial

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer and social technology company Ampush shared the details of a successful advertising campaign on the social network for deal-of-the-day website LivingSocial, in which it focused on domain sponsored stories and custom audiences.

Ampush said it set out to obtain new LivingSocial users cost-effectively, and to obtain the most net value per ad spend dollar on Facebook, and to do so, it decided to focus on domain sponsored stories in the news feed, which shared Facebook users’ engagement with LivingSocial with their friends.

Custom audiences were tapped in order to target both current LivingSocial users and Facebook users who had made purchases via LivingSocial in the past.

The results: Ampush said the domain sponsored stories it ran in the news feed generated click-through rates 20 times higher than those for domain ads on the right-hand side of the page, boasting that it was able to keep costs per acquisition 60 percent below those for concurrent campaigns run by other Facebook PMDs.

More important, the 58 percent return on investment from the campaign caused LivingSocial to expand its Facebook marketing initiatives.

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