Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Attacked During Facebook Q&A

The land down under continues to have its issues with Facebook, as a question-and answer-session on the social network with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, which was supposed to focus on education, instead turned ugly.

Sky News reported that Gillard’s staff was forced to remove offensive comments, including:

  • Calling her a slut.
  • Asking how her father, who died last month, was.
  • “Get my dinner ready.”
  • Asking her if her “pubes” were as “radiant, shiny, and glorious” as his own.
  • Calling her the worst prime minister.
  • Criticizing her voice, with one user saying her voice and demeanor were like nails on a blackboard.

Not all of the comments were negative, however, with Sky News offering these examples of Facebook users who came to Gillard’s defense:

  • “Nothing any of these sexest [sic], Hateful, disrespectful, unaustralian idiots can get to you!”
  • ‘You are an inspiration to Australians and the world.”
  • “Keep up the great work running the nation Julia! You have quite rightly earned the respect you deserve.”

A spokeswoman for Gillard told Sky News the site was moderated to remove offensive comments, adding:

A handful of comments after the session were offensive and have been removed.

Readers: Did Julia Gillard’s staff act properly in deleting the comments?

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