Bilal Hameed

Omniture Expands Their Facebook Analytics Offering

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OmnitureOmniture has entered into a partnership with Facebook to integrate the company’s Online Marketing Suite with Facebook’s existing marketing solutions. This partnership follows a previous integration with Facebook last May. The marketing suite is an integrated solution that lets brands optimize ad spend and conversion and create relevant, personalized ads for the users.
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Facebook Users Against Fee, In Support Of Ads

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Facebook AdsAn impressive 71 percent of social media users (primarily Facebook) are willing to accept advertising rather than pay a fee to use their favorite social networking site, according to a new AdReaction survey conducted by Dynamic Logic. The acceptability to advertising is so pervasive that even 66 percent of Twitter users were willing to tolerate ads on Twitter in return for the site remaining free for use.
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Facebook Named “Best Invention” Of The Decade

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Trophy IconFacebook has been named as the best invention of the decade, according to a survey conducted in UK. The survey polled more than 1,000 users and asked them to name three of their favorite inventions of the past decade. Around three quarters (73%) of the users termed Facebook to be the best invention of the decade, iPhone was nominated as the second best invention with 62% votes and Twitter stood at number three with 58% votes.
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