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Microsoft and Google Battle it Out for Real-Time Facebook Search Results

Microsoft Vs Google

-Microsoft Vs Google-Google has received a lesser deal than what Microsoft got out of its deal with Facebook. The widely used social network is now being tapped for socially-driven real time search results, helping Microsoft and Google to give contextually improved search queries. Yet Microsoft’s Bing has access to all of Facebook’s public news feeds for this purpose, while the recently revealed details of Google’s deal with Facebook indicates that the massive search engine will only be able to access the public news feeds of Facebook Pages.
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Are Facebook Groups the New Drug Interventions?

John Mellencamp Album

-John Mellencamp Album-Are Facebook groups the new intervention? A new group on Facebook has been started by the son of John Mellencamp, the rock and roll legend. The purpose of the group is to rally support for Mellencamp to quit smoking. The deal made between father and son is that if 1,000,000 people join the group, Mellencamp will toss the cancer sticks for good.
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Muggmaker Makes Animated Avatars on Facebook

Muggmaker Icon

Muggmaker is a new Facebook application that allows you to create animated avatars. The avatars can then be used as your profile photo on Facebook, or other social media sites. Unlike the trend for animating an existing photo of yourself, Muggmaker doesn’t convert existing photos but enables you to create an avatar entirely from scratch.
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oDesk Adds Facebook Connect. Will it Be Useful?

oDesk Logo

-oDesk Logo-oDesk, the web-based tool for workteams, now supports Facebook Connect. This goes for both oDesk registered buyers and service providers, extending oDesk user capabilities to find the right person for the job within their social graph.

The three main aspects of oDesk’s Facebook Connect integration include the ability to share information including job openings, oDesk profile updates, and test results. As your oDesk profile acts as your online resume, an update to your profile could mean you have added more job experience or have received certification that adds a few letters after your name.
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FaceMic Posts Audio from Your iPhone to Facebook

FaceMic Screenshot

-FaceMic Image-A new iPhone app allows you to record voice messages and post them directly to your Facebook profile. Called FaceMic, this new app takes advantage of the nifty new features of the iPhone OS 3.0 and provides a way for you to post updates, podcasts and other audio to your Facebook news feed. Just as with videos shared on your Facebook profile, the FacMic audio will play directly from your newsfeed.

Once you download the app to your iPhone (it costs 99 cents), there’s no registration necessary. FaceMic is integrated with Facebook Connect, so you can use your Facebook credentials to login. From there, you can pull up the app anytime, and start recording. Once you’re satisfied with the audio message, hit publish and it will appear on your Facebook profile.
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Real Drinks and Bombay Sapphire Partner To Get Your Facebook Friends Twisted

RealDrinks Logo

-RealDrinks Logo-All the brands are doing it–finding a way to integrate somehow with social networking platforms, namely Facebook. And while many brands are going so far as to create an application of their own, Bombay Sapphire has teamed up with Real Drinks in order to take advantage of its gifting application on Facebook. The Real Drinks app lets users purchase real drinks for friends, by sending them redeemable gift cards of sorts that can be taken to any bar or restaurant in the U.S.
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