Lauren Dugan

Lauren is the former editor of AllTwitter and continues to contribute regularly. Follow Lauren on Twitter at @lauren_dugan.

Imagine If Solar Power Grew Like Facebook [Infographic]

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solar_power While solar power grows at a rate of 60% each year, that’s nothing compared to the roughly 275% growth that Facebook experienced year-over-year, growing from about 175 million users last year to over 500 million this summer. So what if solar power grew at the rate that Facebook acquired new users? The folks at One Block off the Grid (1BOG) wanted to know, and they created this nifty infographic to help visualize it. The most startling finding? The world could be totally powered by solar energy in under five years.
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Police Now Sharing Drunk Driver Mug Shots On Facebook

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police There are so many reasons not to drink and drive, but if residents of Evsham Township needed one more, their police department has given it to them: now, drunk drivers get featured on the Evsham Township Police Facebook page, complete with name, listed offence, and mug shot. While this might be an effective way to deter criminals, there are some that question whether it is ethical to post these details on a Facebook page that can be viewed by millions of users.
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Facebook adds Cool Popup Feature to News Feeds

facebook_thumbnailFacebook has added a new feature to our News Feeds. When you hover your mouse over a name or a website, additional information pops up in a small box. This rollover action appears to make it easier to find out information about people and websites, as well as send messages or add new friends with only a single click. What do you think about this new feature?
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Facebook Ads Feature PayPal Payment Option, Local Timezone Scheduling for all Advertisers

Today the partnership between Facebook and PayPal on Facebook Credits and ads has been expanded from a small segment of Facebook advertisers to cover all advertisers on the social network. Now, any advertiser can use PayPal to pay for ads through Facebook’s online advertising tool. As we discussed back in February, this strategic partnership is part of a long-term vision of monetization that Facebook has been slowly rolling out.
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Police Block Facebook Cocktail Party In Paris

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champ_de_mars1Cocktail-drinking party-goers have been showing their Facebook love in a series of jovial Facebook events-turned-outdoor-celebrations in France over the past few months. These events have been organized over a series of Facebook groups, and an event in Nante, France reached over 10,000 revelers earlier this month. However, a massive police presence prevented the latest attempt to bring together Facebook fans in Champs de Mars from being the aimed-for largest event yet, in part due to a recent party-related death.
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Can Facebook Be Used To Monitor Traffic?

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trafficTraffic in New York or LA might be pretty bad during rush hour, but it’s nothing compared to the congested streets of New Delhi. To get citizens involved in assessing the increasingly problematic streets – which often feature bicycles squeezing in between cars and pedestrians zig-zagging in between three-wheelers and over-stuffed buses – the Delhi Traffic Police has created a fan page on Facebook. It might sound far-fetched, but it appears as though citizens are actually using the page to communicate their grievances, suggestions, and engage in a two-way conversation with the people responsible for shortening their daily commutes.
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Betty White's Fans Are At It Again: The New Glee Facebook Campaign

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Without skipping a beat, fans of Betty White are banding together and forming a new Facebook page aimed at getting this veteran comedienne on the new season of Fox’s hit show Glee. The page, called Betty White on Glee, is hoping to gain momentum after the success of a similar Facebook campaign to see White as the host of Saturday Night Live. While this new group still has a way to go, it appears as though social network users haven’t yet had their fill of endearingly-funny White.
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Is Facebook Too Inclusive? USurvive Thinks So

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-uSurvive Logo-Exclusivity makes you feel special – if you belong to the “in” group. It also promotes group identification, as you are much more likely to associate and identify with those in your group than those outside. It is this concept that Facebook was initially built upon: creating a social network just for college students. However, as we all know, Facebook is now the social network with over 400 million monthly active users across all ages, demographics, and education levels. But does this leave a wide open space for more exclusive, niche social networks to fill the void?
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The Pitfalls Of Facebook Activism

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activismWhatever your philosophy about “doing good” may be, there can be no denying that part of the power of human, animal, and environmental rights campaigns is tied largely to their ability to mobilize people into action for the cause. And while Facebook may seem like the ideal venue to engage millions of connected users in an activity for the greater good, there are several pitfalls that Facebook activism can fall into.
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