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5 Reasons You Got Unfriended On Facebook (And How To Prevent It From Happening Again)

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Have you been loosing sleep trying to figure out why you got unfriended on Facebook? I hope not! But if you have been unfriended recently, you might still be curious to know the reason behind this distasteful act. Lucky for you, a new study conducted by University of Colorado Denver researchers will help you make sure you will never be unfriended again!
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What Your "Cool" Facebook Friend Is Really Like

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Low Self Esteem IconYou probably have at least one Facebook friend who is constantly posting pictures of themselves at bars and commenting on everybody’s wall and regularly updates their status with “smart” comments and checking in to every place they go and just seem irresistibly cool. Don’t be fooled by the glamorous Facebook life your friend is living. He or she probably has a self-esteem issue according to new research described by ShockMd.
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Facebook Users Change Their Status For Mother's Day

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Happy Mothers Day IconNatasha Murashev is the author of, a digital magazine focused on applied psychology.
This Mother’s Day, in addition to flowers and some high-quality chocolate, you mom will also be expecting a Facebook shout-out. Thousands of Facebook users have changed their Facebook status to a viral mother day greeting or a personalized message. However, just a Facebook shout-out is not enough. Your mother will appreciate talking to you in person a lot more, so make sure you call her if you are not able to visit this special woman in your life today.
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Report: Facebook Predicts Teens' Intention to Have Sex

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Sexy Computer UserNatasha Murashev is the author of, a digital magazine focused on applied psychology.
Most parents have a hard time imagining their young “na├»ve” teen having sex. As a result, parents wait until it is too late to talk to their child about the physical and psychological risks associated with sex and how to best stay safe. But when is the best time for the talk? A new study described in ScienceDaily suggests that the answer may be written on your teen’s Facebook wall.
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Report: Your Facebook Stalkers May Be Crazed

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Viewing Facebook IconNatasha Murashev is the author of, a digital publication focused on applied psychology.
Although there is no Facebook application that can tell you who exactly is looking at your Facebook profile, you can just about guarantee your Facebook stalkers are emotionally charged. According to recently published research by University of Missouri Professor Kevin Wise, Facebook users look at profiles of “friends” they either really love or really hate. So yes, all those jealous people you’re showing off your iPad to today will surely be reading your wall posts.
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5 Proven Techniques To Prevent Facebook Jealousy

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Facebook Jealousy IconNatasha Murashev is the author of, a digital magazine focused on applied psychology.
Twenty-five year old UK citizen Camille Mathurasingh never suspected that joining Facebook would be her fatal mistake. Mathurasingh was brutally murdered by her long-distance boyfriend, Paul Bistol, after he saw Facebook pictures of Mathurasingh with her new boyfriend according to BBC News. Although Bistol took his feelings of jealousy to an extreme, feeling jealous because of Facebook is very common among romantically-involved Facebook users. According to a study published in the Journal of Cyberpsychology and Behavior, the more time your romantic partner spends on Facebook, the more jealous he or she will likely become. Here’s how to prevent Facebook jealousy before it happens.
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