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Managing Editor I've been interested in the cultural and business implications of social graphs since Facebook launched their app store. I've had the pleasure of working with Electronic Arts, Research in Motion, Epson Japan and Level Social, and from those experiences found my true passion: writing. I enjoy covering this emerging space and helping our writers find their own voices and interests as well. Follow me on Twitter @neilvidyarthi or email me at neil "at"

Pocket God Is Coming To Facebook

Have your fingertips ever felt the power of summoning a hurricane upon the helpless villagers of a small island? If not, you haven’t played Bolt Creative’s Pocket God for iPhone, which lets you act as the god of a small island, where you can summon beasts, humans, natural disasters and more.

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Wheel Of Fortune Comes To Facebook

Wheel Of Fortune Logo

-Wheel Of Fortune Logo-My mom is die-hard when it comes to Wheel of Fortune. Any household work, play or other comes to a halt when the popular game show hits the television, and we all crowd around to see who can decipher the puzzles quickest. For that reason, I have a gut feeling that the new Wheel of Fortune game is going to echo the success of Family Feud and be a big hit on Facebook.

Facebook Fairytales Book Illustrates the Medium Empowering the Message

facebookfairytaleslogo Marshall McLuhan’s concept of “the medium is the message” hinted that the way you communicate is as much a message as what you’re saying or typing. And with that said, everyone knows a few people that complain about the ‘medium’ of Facebook, and how it promotes frivolous, meaningless relationships and it’s as or more impersonal than email. Tell that to Emily Liebert, the author of Facebook Fairytales: Modern-Day Miracles to Inspire the Human Spirit. The book consists of a series of nearly thirty touching stories about people, their relationships and their lives… and each story has Facebook in a supporting role.

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Facebook Announces Android SDK Beta To Broaden Mobile Support

Facebook today announced the launch of the beta version of the Facebook SDK for Android, which they also demoed at Google I/O last week. This is hot on the heels of the news that the Android platform is picking up steam and in fact outpaced the iPhone platform in sales last month. It looks like app developers are going to be racing to win shares in the still open Android market, and this Facebook API makes it so those applications will be even more powerful.
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5 Newsfeed Stories You Should Never Click "Like" On

You Like This Icon

youlikethisI’m sure many of you have noticed that the “Like” button is now everywhere, on sites and web pages across the web. We reported that over 50,000 people had put it up on their site in the first few days. But die-hard Facebookers like you and I remember the good ‘ol days when “like” was reserved for giving praise to comments and news feed entries on ours and others’ Facebook profiles. That said, I thought I’d look at 5 Facebook situations where you should never click “like”.
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You've Played Farmville… Are You Ready for FarmVillain?

farmvillainlogoIt was only a matter of time before all those anti-Farmville Facebook Groups got a cause to get behind, and that patient wait is over. Jolt Games has released a game called “FarmVillain”, and it’s got over half a million users and is growing fast. Described by fellow gaming site Kotaku as being so low-brow that “it’s leaving little brow trails on the ground behind them”, the game revolves around, well, nothing! The game simply involves posting fake Farmville stories that are crude and disgusting and kind of hilarious.

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Principal Asks Parents To Ban Social Networking To Prevent Cyber-Bullying

cybeerbullylogo A school principal in New Jersey recently sent a letter to parents asking them to completely remove their children from any social networking sites and to keep close tabs on their text messaging habits. Anthony Orsini, the principal of Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, sent a long email to parents indicating that kids should be “not allowed to be a member of any social networking site.” Is the principal overstepping the line?

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Facebookers Want William Shatner for Governer General of Canada

shatnerlogoWhile it started as a joke, a group on Facebook is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming increasingly serious about getting William Shatner to be the next Governor General of Canada. OK, fine, it’s not actually becoming increasingly serious, but there’s no doubt that the group is experiencing massive growth, currently at 40,000+ members. The whole thing was started by a single reporter from the National Post and ballooned through word of mouth.
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Report: Facebook Is Top Searched Term In The U.S.

facebooklogo A recent analysis of search terms found that the search term Facebook was the top U.S. search term for the four weeks ending March 27, 2010. Facebook related terms accounted for eight searches across the three top 10 lists for three different search engines. Yahoo related terms had six spots and MySpace had four.

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