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Scene It? Movie Game Now On Facebook

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scene it LogoScene It?, a DVD board game that tests your movie and general entertainment knowledge, now has it’s own Facebook edition, complete with thoroughly addictive game mechanics and additional upcoming social features that could rival some of the more popular “ville” types of games. The Facebook edition follows versions for three other platforms, which include Xbox, iPhone and of course the original DVD board game.
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Glympse Offers Real-Time Location-Sharing Via Facebook

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Glympse LogoLocation-sharing applications just became even more interesting with Glympse’s real-time dynamic view of a person’s location. Glympse’s dynamic view of location trails is currently being offered through a Facebook application, and could just be the platform necessary for the killer LBS (Location-Based Services) applications to come.
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Coke Launches Earth Month Promotion On Facebook

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snap-logo-ocean-conservancyIt’s April and amongst all the Earth Day and Earth Month-related events, Coca-Cola is asking Facebook users to give up their profile pics in order to raise money for Ocean Conservancy. For each Facebook user that participates by changing their profile pic as required, Coca-Cola is donating $1 to the conservancy, whom they’ve partnered with for 15 years. The conservancy is dedicated to getting rid of litter from our oceans and waterways.
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20% Of Facebook Employees Focused On Security Issues

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-Error icon-Facebook’s employee numbers have been growing rapidly and it has been revealed that a significant portion of those employees are working on security issues. With over 400M users and a rich amount of information and access to computers, the draw for hackers is obvious, and the site will need the staff to fight back.
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GetJar Facebook App Downloads Exceed 50M

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GetJar LogoGetJar, the second largest mobile apps store, has seen their Facebook-shortcut app garner over 50M downloads in just six months. The online store, which caters to over 200 countries and supports 1700+ handsets, is apparently second only to Apple’s App Store on iTunes.
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Each Facebook Fan Is Worth $3.60 Annually

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-Vitrue Logo-Social media marketing platform company Vitrue has determined that the average value of a Facebook ‘fan’ is about $3.60 in equivalent media each year. This calculation is based on having one million Fan Page fans, and is not weighted for brand recognition.
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