Auto Europe Celebrates Britain’s Must-See Tourist Spots

Auto Europe has worked alongside some of the premier rental car services and travel companies in the United Kingdom. As such, Auto Europe knows what travelers to the British Isles want—what they’re after, what they come to Britain to see. In fact, the company knows the country’s top tourist destinations better than most tourists know them!

Perhaps that’s the boat you’re in. If you’ve never visited the UK, you may have little idea as to what you really need to see and do. You may also have ideas informed by British clichés or cinematic caricatures. Certainly, there are many options for tourists—enough that it can seem truly overwhelming, for those in Britain for the first time. As such, Auto Europe has compiled a list of the most significant, must-see tourist destinations that the UK has to offer, in the paragraphs that follow.

The list is offered below, in no implied order:

  • Stonehenge. You’ve surely seen this odd, mystic locale portrayed on TV and movies, and you may have little idea as to what it’s all about. Little is known about it, in truth, beyond the fact that it is among the most important prehistoric sites still standing. Stonehenge was constructed by a culture that left no records or indications as to what the odd stone structures are, or why they were built. Perhaps it was a site used for an ancient religious ceremony, or perhaps it was something else altogether. Regardless, Stonehenge must be seen to be believed; Auto Europe says no trip to the Isles is complete without a stop at Stonehenge.
  • Windsor Castle. Auto Europe notes that Britain is also a land of many great castles—foremost among them, perhaps, being Windsor Castle. Though the point is somewhat debatable, most experts agree that Windsor is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world. It also happens to be one of the official dwelling places of Queen Elizabeth. It is worth seeing and touring, as its magnificence is truly memorable.
  • Big Ben. Speaking of memorable, you won’t soon forget it if you have the chance to see Big Ben. More than a century and a half after its construction, Big Ben remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of London. Here’s a fun fact about it: Big Ben is actually not the clock tower, but, technically, the 13-ton bell that’s housed within it. Regardless, if you’re in London, you need to swing by to see Big Ben.
  • Durham Cathedral. If Britain is a land of many castles, it is also a land of many majestic churches and cathedrals. These churches and cathedrals are architectural wonders, they are filled with stunning visual art, and they speak volumes about the rich history of Britain. There are many cathedrals to see, of course, but Durham Cathedral should be on your list for sure.
  • York Minster. Another magnificent cathedral, York Minster also makes the Auto Europe list. In fact, Auto Europe says York Minister so utterly dominates the skyline in the city of York, avoiding it is next to impossible!
  • The Cotswolds. What are the Cotswolds, exactly? This term refers to a range of rolling, gentle hills, all of them in south central England. The region is known for its natural beauty and lush, endless seas of green, but also for its historic villages and historic towns, as well as a few stately manors and gardens. Auto Europe recommends spending a day exploring this idyllic countryside.
  • The Tower of London. The Tower of London is worth seeing for many reasons. For one, it is a truly historic destination—a former prison, and a truly magnificent castle. It is also home to the British Crown Jewels.
  • Hadrian’s Wall. Hadrian’s Wall is a truly historic landmark—and in fact, it was built by the Ancient Romans in their zeal to protect their British properties from Scottish tribes. It spans a solid 73 miles across the northern part of England, and there is a national path that actually runs the entire length of the wall. Seeing the wall is really just an excellent way to enjoy the natural, scenic beauty of northern England.
  • Warwick Castle. Another incredible structure, Warwick Castle routinely places on lists of England’s top tourist attractions. As such, it simply has to go on the Auto Europe list! The castle was built in 1968, and stands as a truly breathtaking piece of architecture.
  • Lake District. Finally, the Lake District is nothing less than England’s largest national park—and it is visited by some 14 million tourists a year. There is a reason for this, of course—it’s just breathtakingly beautiful.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are innumerable reasons to visit Britain, and really an endless string of things to see and do there. There are pubs, gardens, manors—even beaches! The bottom line is that a trip to the UK couldn’t possibly disappoint. Auto Europe is proud to be a part of Britain’s tourist trade.

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