Badoo Tops The Week's Fastest Growing Facebook Apps

Causes and Badoo are once again jockeying for the top of our weekly growth application leaderboard, and competing horoscope applications have landed spots on this week’s list. Check out the rankings below, and for more data check out our application statistics section to track the performance of al the latest games and tools.

This Week’s Application Weekly Growth Leaderboard

Name DAU MAU Weekly Growth
1.Causes 895,588 22,870,074 3,637,102
2. Badoo 4,590,330 46,044,167 3,572,380
3. Entrevista Social 553,812 7,356,209 2,183,293
4. Preguntas y Respuestas 517,172 8,327,862 1,900,381
5. Le Oui/Non jeu 343,864 4,671,018 1,358,238
6. Monopoly Millionaires 519,523 2,561,474 1,350,510
7. Zuma Blitz 1,201,576 5,476,037 938,007
8. Daily Horoscope 624,512 2,391,850 638,757
9. Ravenwood Fair 1,249,500 11,536,228 530,278
10. Daily Horoscope 694,276 1,933,431 526,855

Badoo is back on the heels of number one application Causes this week; 3,637,102 people connected with their issue of choice, but the popular socializing application was just 64,000 users behind. Badoo is now up to an impressive 46,044,167 monthly active users.

Trend: Popular quiz applications asking detailed questions about Facebook friends appear have appeared on this list for three consecutive weeks. The Spanish language Entrevista Social and Preguntas y Respuestas both saw tremendous growth; 2,183,293 Facebook users added Entrevista and 1,900,381 headed towards Preguntas. Plus 1,358,238 curious minds began answering questions on the French alternative Le Oui/Non Jeu.

Monopoly Millionaires was a popular choice for Facebook gamers this week, as the application saw an excellent weekly growth increase of 1,350,510. Another hot game was Zuma Blitz, which got 938,007 new users in the past seven days. And Ravenwood Fair witnessed a 530,278 player increase last week.

We end this week by looking at two competing astrological applications: 638,757 people are receiving daily wisdoms surrounding their lives from Soft Reklam’s Daily Horoscope. And Tall Tree Games’ Daily Horoscope alternative nabbed 526,855 new users.

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