Battered Girl Exposes Her Boyfriend On Facebook

This 19-year-old first pressed charges against her (ex) boyfriend and then uploaded pictures of her bruises to her profile. The idea, she says, is not only to expose him to all their friends, but to also encourage other girls undergoing abuse to stand up for themselves.

Daiana Sperdutti, a 19-year-old from Mendoza, Argentina, was at the park last Friday night when her boyfriend, Rodrigo Zapata, began going through her text messages. He flew into a rage, accused her of betrayal, and attacked her. It would be the last time. Daiana reported him to the authorities, but then she did something else: she uploaded pictures of her bruised body to Facebook, set her profile picture to one of them, and wrote: “Someone who claims to love you cannot do this to you. I’m uploading these pictures to give courage to other girls who have gone or are still going through what I’ve been through.”

According to an Argentinean national newspaper, La Nacion, Rodrigo is a player of the Deportivo Maipu soccer team in Mendoza, and Daiana is the daughter of the president of said team. Their relationship had been abusive for a while, but Daiana’s family was unaware of the violence until now. Her father has commented that Mr. Zapata is no longer part of the Deportivo Maipu.

Daiana also told Argentina’s public television broadcaster, Canal 7, that she hadn’t spoken out before because she “was afraid” and thought “he would change.” Since publicly exposing him on Facebook, dozens of strangers have been messaging her and telling her their stories. “They should speak out too,” she urged them.

On her wall, friends and strangers flocked her page to give her their support and encourage other abused girls to speak out. One of her friends said, “Dear friend, I love that you had the courage and strength to expose this and say that it isn’t right. No one has the right to hit someone else.”

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