California Same-Sex Marriage Posts Hit Facebook Every 10 Seconds

Status updates about same-sex marriage in California have been going up about once every ten seconds on Facebook.

The flurry of posts began as soon as the federal appeals court in California declared the ban on same-sex marriage unconsitutional, queuing the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court further deliberation.

These post started in California around 10 am local time and spread nationally within several hours.

While we do see more of the public posts on the topic showing support for same-sex marriage in California, not everyone using Facebook holds the same opinion about the issue.

Since the more avid supporters of same-sex marriage appear to have posted about this topic closer to the time the ruling came down, it’s possible that more homophobic sentiments might appear on the social network as more time progresses.

So far, the frequency of posts about the topic has only reached about a third of the pace that occurred when New York legalized same-sex marriage. This difference might have to do with the greater legal complexity of California’s legalization, which technically still needs a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, readers, how much of your news feed, if any of it, concerns the topic of same-sex marriage?

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