Make Free Conference Calls on Facebook

Running a small business? Why not run your operation on Facebook? Maybe not totally but a new application has made it easier to run at least one portion of your business on Facebook: conference calls. The Free Conference Calls application makes it easy to set up conference calls. All that you need to do is create the conference, add the attendees and finalize the call.

The application utilizes your phone number as the identifier when calling in. One of the coolest features of the application is an AJAX box within the conference event page which displays callers that are present. You are also able to invite users based on their email address not just your Facebook friends. I tested it out and it worked flawlessly.

The Free Conference Call application is highly useful and leverages the standard Facebook interface design. One other cool feature of the application is the ability to host public events that anybody else on Facebook can participate in. I guess you can view it as a party line. If you make conference calls for your small business or for personal reasons, I highly recommend checking out the Free Conference Call application.

Get Discount International Calls on Facebook

RebtelA cool phone service, Rebtel, has launched their official Facebook application. The app allows you to contact your international friends and family for the price of a local call. While this is pretty cool in theory, it doesn’t frequently work. I signed up for Rebtel late last year to try and call my sister in Israel. Unfortunately, my sister’s local phone calls from her cell phone somehow ended up costing more than her international calls (don’t ask me why). In the end, the system ended up being an inefficient solution. I also read a post from one of the application users who was having problems making calls from Puerto Rico. That’s because service is not currently offered there. With all these downfalls, why am I reviewing this application? Great question! With all great applications come many bad ones and that is a fact of life. I will be discussing critical items to a successful application in an upcoming post. If you want to make international calls at the price of local ones go grab the Rebtel application. Be sure to let me know if it works!

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Facebook Marketing

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Conference Calls From Facebook

Walkie TalkieSince you are already spending enough time on Facebook, why not spend even more time by making all your business conference calls from Facebook? YackPack’s WalkieTalkie application adds a push-to-talk feature to Facebook groups. Simply select the group that you would like to chat with and then listen in and push the button when you wish to talk. It is as simple as that! While I doubt many companies will be making this their center of communication, I’m contemplating it given that the new company we are launching is heavily related to Facebook. This application has apparently been around for a while given that there are close to 14,000 users and it is listed in the Facebook applications directory. For some reason this one slipped through my filters but it is very cool. If you want a Facebook Groups walkie-talkie on your profile go grab the WalkieTalkie application.

Prank Text Messages From Facebook

Wink and Jab LogoWant to send prank text messages to your friends? If you live in Canada (soon being offered for the U.S.) you can now send funny texts to your friends. The cool part of the application is that your friends can reply to your text without knowing your number. So have fun playing and flirting with your friends or secret crush. Will this be banned? I’m not sure, but if they add the application to the U.S. they are going to start having a massive rush of users. I can see hundreds of millions of text messages as a direct result of this application. If you want to send prank messages to your friends (in Canada for now) then go grab the Wink and Jab application.

Want to get bOK'ed?

bOK logoNo, bOK is not an alternative to poke. bOK is a new way of communicating with your friends on Facebook. After you have signed up for a bOK account and have added the bOK Application to your profile, you can call your friends by clicking the “bOK” link in their profile. You will then receive an incoming call on your cellphone, with your friend on the other line. This sounds like a new VOIP offering for Facebook. I am really impressed with how quickly this was launched. If you want to call your friends that are in Canada and the United States, go check out bOK.