Hackers On How To Prevent Your Facebook Account From Being Hacked

Have you ever wondered what advice a hacker would give you to protect your Facebook account from his or her kind? Core Security, a provider of predictive security intelligence solutions, got the scoop from some of its staffers.

Here are the tips, straight from the hackers’ mouths:

  • If you are ever asked to enter your Facebook password, confirm that the URL is www.facebook.com. Hackers will try to trick you by displaying fake login pages, but faking the URL is much harder to do.
  • Always make sure you are using an SSL/HTTPS connection anytime you are entering your password (in fact, you should use it every chance you get).
  • Even after you login to Facebook, an attacker could still try to steal your cookies and pretend to be you with them.
  • Don’t click on any links in emails you receive from Facebook — instead open Facebook manually and use the notification feature to see the friend request, etc. Faking a friend request, notification that you have been tagged, etc., is very easy to do, and an attacker will replace the links in the email with links taking you to fake login pages to steal your credentials.
  • Your Facebook password should be unique: Don’t use it anywhere else. If your Facebook password is the same as your banking or email password, then the damage of losing it is greater than just Facebook.

Readers: Will you change any of your Facebook habits after reading this?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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