Facebook’s built-in page insights are helpful, but not if you’re looking for minute-to-minute changes. Crowdbabble wants to solve that. The company recently launched a real-time Facebook analytics monitor, so brands can see how their pages (and those of their competitors) are doing instantly.

Crowdbabble CEO Abbas Alidina announced his company’s newest product in a blog post:

Many people use Facebook’s built-in page insights tool to analyze their Facebook pages. However, Facebook insights data is delayed by 48 hours. Sometimes the delay is even more than 48 hours.

In today’s 24/7 world, it’s hard to make critical real-time decisions based on old information. The Facebook Real-Time Monitor updates every 15 minutes with the latest activity from Facebook.

Crowdbabble’s monitor tracks engagement in real-time, so managers can know where the conversation is happening now, not in a day or two. It also shows a graph, visually illustrating the Facebook post’s life. When one post dies, page administrators can decide when to post something else. If the post hasn’t been engaged with in two hours, it is regarded as inactive. The platform also gives a star rating for each active post, showing the potential for more engagement.

Admins can also take a step back and see how all posts do over time, analyzing the best times to post.

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