Facebook Offers Snapshot Of Photo-Sharing Apps

The importance of photos to both Facebook users and brands has been well established, and the social network saluted the efforts of four photo-sharing applications — PicCollage, Cinemagram, Hipstamatic, and Instagram — in a post on its developer blog.

The apps were called out for the following accomplishments:

  • PicCollage: Its open graph implementation increased mobile referrals threefold, click-through rate by 20 percent, and weekly average users by 40 percent. The app uses multiple actions, email notifications, and the built-in like action, and it prominently features login with Facebook when launched.
  • Cinemagram: The app has used login with Facebook, as well as the social network’s comments box and like button plugins, and open graph stories via user-generated action photos, to boost the number of people logged in via Facebook by 25 percent, to 15 percent of its total users. In addition, users logged in via Facebook are engaged for twice as long as non-Facebook users, generating 60 percent to 70 percent of the app’s total referrals.
  • Hipstamatic: Since implementing open graph at the beginning of July, mobile referrals have doubled and daily active users are up 50 percent. The app was recognized for publishing activity via open graph, providing clear user controls for sharing, and leveraging timeline so its users can share their lenses, film, and gear.
  • Instagram: This Facebook-owned app has seen mobile-based referrals multiply fourfold since launching user-generated action photos in April. Also, since launching its built-in like action at the end of June, one-third of the app’s open graph actions are likes, and its mobile referral traffic is up 10 percent.

Facebook also outlined some of its best practices for apps, using the four photo-sharing apps as examples:

Login with Facebook: This is the first essential step for enabling developers to immediately create a social experience and for leveraging Facebook’s key distribution channels. Featuring this option when the mobile app launches helps establish this connection right away. Find more information here.

PicCollage utilizes login with Facebook when its app launches.

Provide simple controls: Enabling an easy publishing experience is important for both developers and people using their apps. People get more value from an app the more they understand it, so developers with photo apps that publish by default should provide easy opt-out controls. Find more information here.

Once a person has logged in with their Facebook account, PicCollage enables Facebook sharing with an easy-to-use control.

Hipstamatic prominently promotes timeline functionality and provides easy access for adjusting personal settings.

Hipstamatic uses custom open graph actions and objects to allow people to showcase the unique lenses and cameras they use.

Built-In like: This is the easiest way for a developer to enable sharing from an app. The open graph built-in like action allows developers to build their own like buttons for mobile or Web apps and drive distribution across Facebook. Find more information here.

Instagram’s integration of the like API drives powerful distribution through Facebook. When a person’s Facebook friends like a photo within Instagram, he or she will see a notification on Facebook.

Open graph photos API: This feature enables people to upload, interact with, and experience photos through an app the same way they do with any other photo on Facebook. Find more information here.

Using open graph, PicCollage’s images get the same design treatment that users expect to see from photos on Facebook.

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