Facebook Marks Digital Learning Day With List Of Resources For Educators

Facebook marked Digital Learning Day Wednesday by offering a list of available resources for educators on its Facebook in Education page.

The social network outlined the following resources:

  • The Facebook for Educators Guide: Many educators want to know more about using social media — in the classroom, in the community, and in professional development. Created by education and technology experts Linda Fogg Phillips, B.J. Fox, and Derek Baird, the Facebook for Educators Guide provides a wealth of resources for teachers and administrators.
  • The Facebook for School Counselors Guide: School counselors are on the front lines of many issues that impact students online. iKeepSafe and the American School Counselors Association recently created a guide that provides advice to school counselors on many of the issues that happen at the intersection of school and the Internet.
  • Edutopia’s Social Media Policy Guide: Many educators are starting to create schoolwide policies for the use of social media. The George Lucas Foundation’s Edutopia recently created a guide for educators who want to learn more about social media in the classroom and how to create appropriate policies.
  • Bullying Prevention: Regardless of where it occurs, bullying is unacceptable. Many educators want to learn more about how to address this issue. Take a look at the Bullying Prevention section of the Family Safety Center for resources in this area.
  • HackEd: Facebook recently partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to host HackEd, a hackathon devoted to creating apps that put low income kids on a pathway to get into (and stay in) college. Take a look at the grantees to see how the developer world is innovating in this space.

The social network said in a statement on the Facebook in Education page:

We believe that a more open and connected world will have a profoundly positive impact on many of society’s biggest challenges. Nowhere is this clearer than with education. At Facebook, we’ve been working with a range of stakeholders to develop resources and tools that educators can use to better understand how to use social media inside and outside of the classroom.

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