Do Salons And Spas Need A Makeover On Facebook?

Spas and salons haven’t embraced Facebook pages with the kind of fervor that other industries have. The situation begs one of those chicken-and-egg questions: Does lackluster activity on this genre of page keep other practitioners away from the site or vice versa?

Urban beauty establishments seem to prefer Yelp listings to Facebook pages by a ratio of nearly ten to one, according to statistics that our friends at Eyes and Feet rendered into an infographic.

Interestingly, the city with the largest percentage of salons and spas on Facebook is Houston, with 13 percent. Almost as fascinating, the urban area considered the techiest, San Jose, has the second smallest, three percent.

The spas and salons with Facebook pages have comparatively modest numbers of fans — or at least that’s the case for the businesses in big cities. Among the 1,108 urban establishments that have a page on the social network, the average number of likes is just 85.3.

The frequency of postings on spa and salon pages is even more telling. The majority of them post less than once a week. Only in four out of the ten cities does the average page have a weekly-or-so update.

Does the spa and salon industry need a makeover on Facebook? Are there better ways for these businesses to leverage the social network? What else do you see in these statistics, readers?

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