Dropify Download 2.0 Simplifies Uploading Content To Facebook, Downloading, Sharing

Dropify launched in January, integrating with Facebook’s Open Graph and allowing users to make files available for download via the social network, and share uploading and downloading activities to their Timelines and News Feeds. Developer Hike Social Apps late Tuesday introduced Dropify Download 2.0, with a host of new features.

The application has undergone a thorough revamp, focused on overall flow, user comments, social integration, recommendations, and other factors. Dropify Download 2.0 features a cleaner user interface with easier access to its download, like, share, and subscribe functions via a top bar.

Users can now comment on all downloads, via login with Facebook. Users can also recommend content they have downloaded to up to five Facebook friends, and downloads can be shared to Facebook and other social networks with one click.

The app is now integrated with SoundCloud, allowing users such as musical artists and DJs to add audio preview buttons to their content once their accounts have been integrated.

Dropify Download 2.0 also incorporated a guest downloads feature, allowing users who have not installed the app to access downloaded content.

Dropify described the motivation behind Dropify Download 2.0 and the improved flow process in a blog post:

At its core, Dropify is about your free digital content. Your free downloads are a valuable asset to engage your followers and customers at almost no cost. Since the launch of Dropify, music artists, DJs, authors, photographers, and many other content creators have reached thousands of new people with the downloads they provided via the Dropify platform. We’ve seen some brands double their Facebook likes in almost no time; all due to quality content that has gone viral with the aid of Dropify.

The driving purpose behind Dropify Download 2.0 is to provide our publishers with a more intuitive presentation of their downloads, and advanced social integration that always keeps these downloads rolling — all in a modern “landing page”-like interface that makes downloading your files a real pleasure. At the same time, we want people to intuitively navigate through your Dropify download, like it’s natural to them.

The flow: In version 1.0, people had to click “get file” (step one), like (step two/given that like gating was active), recommend (step three), and click “download” (step four) in order to actually receive the free file. Obviously, this was not what you’d consider a convenient user experience. The new flow is smooth as silk: Click “download file” (step one) and instantly receive the file. That’s right, no more steps in between, unless the publisher has activated like gating (step two). We’ve completely banned the fourth step and put the recommend to friends screen as the third and final step (or second/given that like gating is inactive). It makes so much more sense, as people can now actually experience the content they just downloaded, before recommending it to friends who might be into it, as well.

Readers: Have you ever used Dropify or any similar apps to upload content to or download content from Facebook and other social networks?

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