Explore Ancient Egypt On Facebook With BrainJewel

Ancient Egypt comes to Facebook in a whole new light through BrainJewel, a game released in open beta on the social network by developer TribePlay.

BrainJewel incorporates elements of ancient Egypt throughout its graphics, offering players several types of challenging games within the game as they attempt to unlock artifacts that will help lead them to the “ultimate treasure.”

Here’s how TribePlay describes BrainJewel in a press release:

BrainJewel takes you and your faithful companion, Puffy, on a journey through ancient Egypt. As you traverse the desolate lands, you will be forced to use your wisdom and courage in order to uncover the secrets and mysteries of these mystifying lands. BrainJewel is filled with various brain games where you can see how smart you are, and compare your scores with those of your friends.

TribePlay Developer Gregor Plath adds:

Clearly, there are a few other brain games already available on Facebook. However, BrainJewel takes a slightly different approach. Rather than just simply being a game where you try to get the highest score, our game takes you on a journey through an animated ancient Egyptian setting. There is a deeper story line than normal, as well as some very fun graphics that are sure to appeal to many different markets. Our hope with BrainJewel is to create an immersive and engaging social experience where players can enjoy a mysterious journey with a grand treasure at the end and compete with their scores.

Does the idea of an ancient-Egypt themed game pique your interest?

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