F8: Facebook Like Button Coming To Apps

LikeButtoniOSApps650Developers will soon be able to add like buttons to their applications, as Facebook announced at its F8 global developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday that it has begun testing a like button on iOS apps.

The button is currently a preview feature, with only developers and testers of the apps being able to use it, and it is not ready for deployment to the iTunes App Store.

Facebook offered more details on the impending feature in its documentation:

The like button is the quickest way for people to share content with their friends. A single click on the like button will like pieces of content from your app and share them on Facebook.

The like button can be used to like a Facebook page or any Open Graph object and can be referenced by URL or ID.

Before you can use the like button, you will need:

  • Your environment setup.
  • A Facebook app properly configured and linked to your iOS app.
  • The Facebook SDK (software-development kit) added to your project.
  • Your Facebook app ID and display name added to your app’s .plist file.
  • The Facebook iOS app must be installed on the device
  • If you haven’t done this and need help doing so, you can follow the iOS getting started guide).

Using the like button:

  • Add the like button to your view like you would any other UIView.
  • When the like button is tapped, it will fast-app-switch to the Facebook app and present the like dialog.
  • When one of the buttons is tapped, it will return to your app and update the state of the like button, along with the like count and/or sentence, if present.
  • If the person has provided publish_actions permission to your app, the like button will update immediately and perform the action from your app using the og.likes API for OG objects. Page likes will always use the like dialog.
  • If you do not use Facebook Login, the like button will always open the like dialog to perform the like and confirm the action.

Readers: Are you looking forward to seeing the like button in mobile apps?


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