F8: Facebook Launches Four New Media APIs

PublicContentSolutionsGraphic650Facebook’s F8 global developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday may have been dominated by mobile, but the social network didn’t forget the media, as it introduced four new application-programming interfaces aimed at allowing media organizations to integrate content and data from Facebook into their work.

The four new APIs were described as follows on the page for Facebook’s Public Content Solutions initiative:

  • Trending: The Trending API exposes a list of depersonalized trends that people are currently talking about on Facebook.
  • Topic Insights: The Topic Insights API provides aggregate anonymized insights about people mentioning a certain topic.
  • Topic Feed: The Topic Feed API lets you search for any topic and see a ranked feed of public posts about that topic.
  • Hashtag Counter: The Hashtag Counter API lets you count the number of times a specific hashtag has been used within a certain time frame.

Facebook said in an email to AllFacebook:

These APIs are among the most requested from media organizations, and these tools will help make the stories they’re telling richer and more compelling with Facebook content and data. We announced the Public Content Solutions program last month to offer support and resources to partners building media solutions, and these new APIs are a next step in our commitment to enabling developers to deliver great experiences to media companies both on-air and in digital products.

Readers: Do you think the four new APIs will be a useful tool for media organizations?

F8 photo by Praneendra Kuver for Inside Facebook.

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