Facebook Scores Painfully Low In Customer Satisfaction

While brands are in a love/hate relationship with Facebook, many users are firmly displeased with the social network, and it shows in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index ratings. Facebook scored the lowest out of any social networks (with Google Plus at the top), and it earned one of the lowest overall scores of any company.

The ACSI ratings take into account information from customer surveys. Social media sites in general were ill-regarded, scoring merely a 69 — one spot above airlines (the highest-scoring industry was televisions, with 86).

Among the social media sites, Google Plus was king, scoring an industry-leading 78, tied with Wikipedia. The full scores:

  • Google Plus, Wikipedia — 78
  • YouTube — 73
  • Pinterest — 69
  • Twitter, all other sites — 64
  • LinkedIn — 63
  • Facebook — 61

Taking a look back at the bigger picture, Facebook was one of the lowest-scoring entities nationwide. Facebook’s score of 61 was third-worst and tied with cable and internet provider Comcast. The site scored one point below much-maligned airline United.

Why did Facebook score so low? Sister site SocialTimes got the scoop from Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee, a customer experience analytics firm that worked with ACSI to evaluate the social media sites:

They’re in a near-monopoly situation: That’s where everybody is, and there’s really no other game in town. Yet consumers are pretty dissatisfied with Facebook … The change from no monetization strategy to a pretty aggressive monetization strategy has driven that statistic to a low level.

Readers: On a 0-100 scale, what score would you give Facebook?

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