Facebook Now Asking Users For Security Question

Account Protection IconFacebook is currently testing a new account protection feature which they have been promoting via the sidebar throughout the site with the call to action pictured to the right. The most significant component of the account protection feature is that it asks users to create a security question.

Unlike some of the horribly phrased security questions which I’ve seen around the web (e.g. “What’s your favorite book?”, and other subjective questions), Facebook has at least gotten one thing right. Whether or not users are actually more secure is a whole other question, however the new security question and syncing of a mobile device appears to be an attempt to help users reclaim hacked accounts. While Facebook has not formally announced the new features we’ve received a number of tips from readers about the features and recently saw it within our own accounts.

The only place that I’ve personally seen the notifications so far is within the inbox. While I’m not sure if this is an attempt for Facebook to get users to register their mobile device or to actually help them with , it’s pretty clear that Facebook is implementing as many features as possible to help those users who are having trouble with hackers, viruses, and the like.

Update Security Screenshot

Update Security Mobile Screenshot

Security Question Screenshot

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