Facebook and Adobe Partner On Flash Libraries For the Facebook API

-Adobe Developer Connection Icon-Today Adobe announced the launch of a new library that developers can take advantage of for integrating Facebook directly into their Flash applications. Previously, developers like Zynga and Playfish, were forced to developer their own libraries and workaround that made it possible for their popular gaming applications to integrate with the platform.

Thankfully, the two companies have joined forces to make the integration process much quicker. It’s a simple library but one that will provide Flash developers with the ability to develop much more social applications without dealing with the technicalities of the Facebook platform. My guess is that this new library will result in the launching of many more flash applications in a short period of time.

Up until now, PHP developers were able to integrate quickly into the Facebook platform. Many other developers have also built their own custom libraries. LivingSocial for example, has developed their applications with Ruby on Rails, creating their own developer library that ties into Facebook’s RESTful API. If you are a Flash developer and haven’t had the pleasure of building Facebook applications, you should now be able to build social applications much quicker.

Flash has already existed on the platform but having official support for Flash means that you can expect much better documentation (as explained here) and sample applications as well. Most flash applications have been built for games but there are limitless possibilities for creating more engaging applications on top of the Facebook platform and through Facebook Connect.

Let us know if you have any interesting Flash applications that you build in the coming weeks and we’ll be sure to post about them on here!

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