Facebook Trying To Be More Advertiser-Friendly

In an effort to gain more advertising money, Facebook has been testing ways to place more ads on pages. But the company also is doing what it can to keep its biggest clients happy, especially as Facebook’s finances come into light with Thursday’s earnings call.

Financial Times Monday examined how Facebook has to walk a fine line in order to keep current major clients — such as Samsung and Ford — happy, while finding ways to protect users’ privacy and attract new clients. The story notes that Facebook is trying to do all it can to keep a major advertiser from pulling the plug, much like General Motors did earlier this year.

It’s a trade-off: Facebook wants money from advertisers, while advertisers want more eyeballs on their Facebook ads.

Facebook has given major advertisers guidelines to follow, but it is also working closely with them to ensure that their needs (and wants) are met:

Facebook responded to the call, dedicating a team of employees to manage Samsung’s account and to help craft a unique campaign for the U.S. launch of its Galaxy S III smartphone at the end of June.

Facebook started with its mobile user data, sending ads custom tailored to iPhone users, BlackBerry users, and Android users, each with a different message urging them to switch to the new Galaxy phone.

Samsung also tapped into the Facebook data from the five wireless companies that had agreed to carry the phone, using customer posts from Verizon and AT&T Facebook pages to promote deals to Samsung fans.

Finally, Facebook offered Samsung a first-ever opportunity to “take over” Facebook’s log out page. For three days, whenever any Facebook user logged out of his or her account, that person saw an ad for the Galaxy S III. In total, 70 million people saw the ad.

Readers: What ways do you think Facebook will examine next in an effort to boost revenue?


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