VOTE: Are Facebook Complaints Setting A New Record?

Posting complaints about every change the site makes dates back to the original launch of the news feed five years ago; but has the latest round of kvetching set a new record for Facebook?

Of course, it’s probably too early to tell yet.

And in all but a couple of instances, bitchfests have quieted down organically as Facebook users got accustomed to the change in features.

The last 24 hours do have quite a bit in common with the original launch of the news feed: (then) new technology itself made it possible for people to see more complaints, which encouraged more such posts by complainers and those commenting on the issue.

Now the news feed serves users content based on what they already engage with, so people who click on complaining posts see more of the same. And so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.

But comparing the behaviors of today’s 750 million Facebook users to the low-eight-digit population of five years ago — well, let’s see what you think instead of trying to call this one.

Readers, do you think the complaints about Facebook’s latest changes to the site have reached a greater magnitude than any prior kvetch-a-thon?

Let us know your opinion by voting in our informal poll below. Feel free to explain your rationale in the comments section. And be sure to check this post later to see how others are voting.

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