Compared To Yahoo And Formspring, Is Facebook A Secure Network?

Facebook may play fast and loose with most of your personal information, but at least it has never had a major password breach — like Yahoo or Formspring. That got a writer for The Verge wondering: Is Facebook actually safer when it comes to the security of your password?

Ellis Hamburger of The Verge pointed out how many companies trust Facebook Connect not only as a means to gain fans by making it easy to interact through the social network, but for security.

After Gawker and Formspring fell victim to hackers who gained login information, both sites told users that if they accessed the site via Facebook Connect, they were safe. By using Facebook Connect, users didn’t have to log in through the main website, preventing them from losing their passwords. Facebook Connect and other tools within the site’s open graph have not only helped sites feel more secure, but have also grown membership by being more visible on Facebook.

Facebook security team member Fred Wolens told The Verge how the company has worked vigorously to protect login information:

There aren’t too many tricks out there that we aren’t using … Developers don’t need to keep iterating and improving on account recovery, because we have entire teams of people looking at that issue.

Readers: When you access a site via Facebook Connect, do you worry about your information being hacked?

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