How To Show Your Customers The Love On Facebook: EXCLUSIVE INFOGRAPHIC

We asked 1,403 businesses and brands to rate their own customer service — more than 98 percent of those polled manage a Facebook page — and a whopping 76.9 percent of the polled said they give at least “great” customer service, while 30 percent rate their service as “stellar.”

Most companies reported using multiple means to deliver their support, with social media rating most used, at 79.7 percent.

The rest of the top five went like this:

  • Email, 78.3 percent;
  • Phone, 63.3 percent;
  • In person, 51 percent; and
  • Website submission forms, 49.1 percent.

Interestingly, when asked which method was most effective, in person was the runaway winner, despite being the fourth most used. It seems that even in today’s world of impersonal, electronic communication, there’s no substitute for a warm smile and a handshake.

While businesses can make every concerted effort possible to ensure their customers receive sterling support, you can’t always keep everyone happy. So what happens when the customers start singing a less-than-loving tune?

Here’s how our survey participants respond to fans voicing dissatisfaction on the Facebook wall:

  • 65.6 percent respond to a disgruntled fan publicly via a wall post;
  • 31.2 percent initially respond publicly and then follow up with private correspondence;
  • 17.5 percent do nothing and let their fans respond for them; and
  • 11.6 percent ignored the dissatisfied customer’s complaint completely.

How does your company measure up? Take a look at the infographic below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Guest writer Jim Belosic is chief executive officer of Shortstack.

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