Breaking news involving each of the remaining candidates has posts about the GOP going up on Facebook every couple of minutes ahead of tonight’s final debate before the South Carolina primary Saturday.

Rick Santorum

It turns out that Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucus last month by a slim margin of 34 votes — so far.

As one Facebook user said today:

I would love it if, the first time he’s given the floor, Newt would take a moment to walk over and shake Rick Santorum’s hand and congratulate him on his CLEAR VICTORY in Iowa. Can you imagine the blow to Romney’s ego?

It may not be enough to stop Mitt-momentum, or Gingrich for that matter. Santorum is generally tied for third with Ron Paul going into the Charleston, S.C., debate tonight.

Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the race today and endorsed Gingrich.

On Facebook, the news was met by some with disdain for Perry’s endorsement of the “morally flawed” Gingrich. Other Facebookers praised the governor for how he ran his race with dignity.

One poster on Facebook summed up the experience of having to find another candidate to support besides Perry:

Rick Perry is dropping out of the race? I wonder who will be GOP canidate once all of the current front runners shoot themselves in thier own feet? I wonder if Jesse Ventura is a Republican?

Newt Gingrich

Where to begin with the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives?

First, six new polls show the race tightening between Romney and Gingrich, making tonight’s CNN debate critical to Saturday’s vote.

However, looming large is an interview tonight on ABC News’ Nightline with the Speaker’s ex-wife, Marianne.

His Facebook wall has shied away from statements regarding the latest bombshell, but he has been encouraging his 231,000-plus fans to share plenty of videos, including an interview with Sean Hannity, Perry’s endorsement, and the latest Rasmussen poll.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney wrestled with verbal flubs all week starting with an average showing in Monday’s debate. First, he was unclear about whether and when to release his tax returns.

Then he admitted to paying a lower tax rate than others in the field, and that he has offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Today, he learned that he didn’t actually win the Iowa caucus.

His Facebook wall has mostly targeted President Barack Obama this week, except for a post today stating:

The results from Iowa caucus night revealed a virtual tie. I would like to thank the Iowa Republican Party for their careful attention to the caucus process, and we once again recognize Rick Santorum for his strong performance in the state.

Ron Paul

And Ron Paul supporters remain incredibly active on Facebook. He took a break from the campaign to endorse anti-SOPA/PIPA legislation yesterday.

Below are just a few Facebook posts that capture the varied sentiments of users today.