Facebook Users Applaud Herman Cain's Exit From Race

Politicos tracking the Republican primaries took to Facebook over the weekend to react to news that the Herminator, aka Herman Cain, is officially leaving the GOP presidential primary race.

On Saturday, Cain announced in Atlanta that he was officially suspending his presidential campaign amid allegations that he had a 13-year affair with Ginger White; now the fifth woman to come forward alleging a relationship or harassment claims from the former pizza executive.

Facebookers have been reacting to the news ever since; some with tongue firmly placed in cheek, other posts show genuine disappointment that the charismatic presidential contender who only month ago topped the polls is gone from the race. A selection of posts appear at the bottom of this page.

But is he really gone?

Yesterday, Cain shared an inkling of what his post-political life will entail. His Plan B, as Cain dubbed it, involves the launch of a web site called TheCainSolutions.com, which he described as a grassroots effort to bring government back to the people. It would also continue to push his 9-9-9 economic plan.

There’s no mention of this Plan B on any of his online sites, but he campaign did livestream Saturday’s announcement from Atlanta via his Facebook page.

While TheCainSolutions.com site is live, it’s pretty rudimentary. No links to Facebook or any other social media channels are available, only a sign-up box for his mailing list. It will be interesting to see how fleshed out or robust Cain’s new website becomes — and what sort of social media platform will support his Plan B movement. Or if Plan B is just Cain being Cain.

Is Cain’s precipitous fall reflected in the latest Election Tracker 2012 numbers from Inside Facebook? Actually, yes.

He’s losing Facebook fans — more than 700 today alone — and his fan base has been falling since Thursday, when rumors first started circulating that he could leave the race.

Do you think Herman Cain will continue to lose support on Facebook?

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

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