Mario Teguh Rallies In Facebook Page Engagement

Jesus Daily once again blows away this week’s competitors, but Mario Teguh’s page is rallying in second place. We will look at all the religious pages, talk Lady Gaga’s dramatic return, and there is even a few sports team shake ups and stars thrown in as well.

Most Engaging Pages On Facebook

Name Fans Interactions
1. Jesus Daily 8,212,210 3,715,853
2. Mario Teguh 4,585,615 1,335,406
3. The Bible 8,053,639 1,217,467
4. Justin Bieber 34,830,989 1,041,918
5. Real Madrid C.F. 18,044,464 979,418
6. Dios Es Bueno! 4,149,053 735,786
7. Lady Gaga 42,432,556 733,100
8. FC Barcelona 18,913,818 716,639
9. Black Eyed Peas 23,728,093 623,714
10. Terima Kasih Ibu 2,798,973 622,670
11. Manchester United 18,176,375 577,214
12. Jesus Christ 2,903,002 539,933
13. MTV Roadies 2,813,927 509,652
14. Mehmetcik 2,451,588 498,737
15. Joyce Meyer Ministries 1,487,129 477,170
16. Werevertumorro 2,508,552 474,543
17. Rafael Nadal 7,970,321 367,551
18. 6,310,797 364,217
19. Empires & Allies 4,903,923 351,815
20. Texas Hold’em Poker 48,610,839 332,168


Once again Jesus Daily tops our weekly chart, this time getting 3,715,853 user interactions. Overall though, this has been a rough week of decreases for the usually very engaging religious pages.

As quickly as the page dedicated to The Bible reclaims its spot in second, 1,217,467 posters leave it ousted and forced to settle for third. Dios Es Bueno‘s 735,786 total leaves it taking a step back to sixth.

Onto the second half of the countdown, the page dedicated to Jesus Christ finds itself on the wrong side of a slippery slope as it falls back to 12th compiling 539,933 comments.

Three places behind and following a similar pattern, Joyce Meyer Ministries logs 477,170 fan interactions. has a steady week in the 18th position tallying 364,217 contributions to the conversation.


Knocking The Bible out of second place, and presenting the closest competition for first place, the positive messages shared on Mario Teguh‘s Facebook home engages 1,335,406 responses, making a solid second place finish.

Also in Indonesia, Terima Kasih Ibu‘s 622,670 interaction total leaves it taking a five spot drop to cut the countdown in half.

The Turkish Army’s social networking hub, Mehmetcik, takes a step forward to 14th with 498,737 commenters. Werevertumorro finds itself dangling in the 16th spot as its engagement total drops to 474,543.


Award show talk has the obsessed Justin Bieber fanatics making a ruckus on the social network; 1,041,918 likers help the young star rest comfortably in fourth place. A new music video has 733,100 voices chattering and aiding in Lady Gaga‘s massive seventh place comeback.

Landing two places backwards in ninth, Black Eyed Peas end the week collecting 623,714 posters.


A number of photograph and video updates have helped Real Madrid C.F. score big this week; 979,418 likers give the page offensive advantage as it places in fifth.

Not far behind with posts that include pictures from last season — and including current camp sessions — FC Barcelona makes a thunderous 716,639 comeback total that skyrockets it to eighth place.

It is one of the few times where Manchester United is stuck playing defense in the game of engagement; the page falls back to 11th with 577,214 interactions.

On the court, Rafael Nadal is continuing to update about his latest events, both tennis related and otherwise. He lands in the 17th position on our list with a 367,551 seven day engagement total.


Though its place appearances follow a rather erratic pattern, “MTV Roadies” continues to find a spot in the top 20. Some 509,652 viewers continue to discuss the show, putting him in 13th place.


Zynga successfully found itself with two gaming applications evoking noteworthy interaction totals last week. Empires & Allies and Texas Hold’em Poker continue to linger in the final two spots, respectively. The first hangs on with 351,815 partakers in the discussions, and the second has 332,168 engagements.

Readers, did you find yourselves wrapped up any of the conversations on this week’s most engaging pages?

If you want to measure interactions on your own page and compare them to others, take a look at AllFacebook Stats, which allows you to track and compare your pages in different dimensions. The tool is available in a free version, along with multiple business packages.

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