Facebook Event Check-Ins Go Live On IPhone

Facebook has fully rolled out the ability to check in to events via the iPhone, the beta version of which we’d scooped on March 21.

Today, spokespeople for the social network have confirmed that event check-ins have gone live, according to TechCrunch. The capability is perhaps the most salient feature of version 3.4 of Facebook on the iPhone.

This upgrade also includes, as MG Siegler puts it — I have to take his word on this one because I don’t use an iPhone and our resident fan of said device is in transit:

…the ability to view your friends on a map from the Places area (and it uses Google Maps, not Bing Maps), an “improved” News Feed, an “improved” notifications UI, and the ability to unfriend someone from your phone, finally.

I’m happy for the iPhone users who get to check in to events, along with all the folks who see opportunities to monetize this capability with, say, sponsored stories and even deals. But since I already mentioned that I don’t use said device, I’m dying to know when event check-ins will come to the Android and BlackBerry.

Meanwhile, readers who have iPhones, have you tried version 3.4 of Facebook for the device and if so what do you think of it? For those of you who don’t have one yet, do event check-ins and the other version 3.4 improvements make you want to switch to the iPhone?

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