Have a meeting with Facebook at its new headquarters in Menlo Park? Enter 1 Hacker Way into your GPS.

TechCrunch was the first to report on the address for the social network’s new headquarters, having obtained a business card from an unnamed Facebook staffer.

The address of the complex was 1 Network Drive when it was owned by Sun Microsystems.

Facebook had initially asked the city to change the name of the street to Social Circle, but that was scrapped due to the Circles feature in rival social network Google Plus,.

The new Facebook campus has several buildings with addresses on the street, such as 18 Hacker Way for the legal department.

Back when the campus was occupied by Sun, the address was kept 1 Network Drive. This location isn’t the only one that has had an address influenced by the corporate occupant. Other interesting locales for headquarters include:

  • Apple: 1 Infinite Loop
  • Genentech: 1 DNA Way
  • Lockheed Martin: 1 Space Way
  • American Physical Society: 1 Physics Ellipse

Readers: Can you come up with a better address for Facebook headquarters than 1 Hacker Way?