Infographic: Facebook Hasn't Killed Email Yet

VisibleGains weighed in on the “Is email dead?” debate with a resounding no — not much of a surprise, since the company develops a plug-in for Outlook that enables users to create personal pages for their sales prospects.

The company pointed out in the infographic below that despite the huge gains in Facebook membership — VisibleGains pegged the social network’s roll at 750 million, but 800 million-plus is the accepted figure — that number is still dwarfed by the total of 2.9 trillion email users.

VisibleGains added that Facebook users account for 60 million daily updates, for an average of 0.08 per account, while those numbers soar to 188 billion daily emails, or an average of 64.8 per account.

The company’s Vice President of Marketing Bill Carney said in a blog post:

We concur with the infographic’s conclusion — email is here to stay. However, email is not always the most effective way to transmit your message. New(er) technologies — like Facebook and Twitter — introduce additional ways for humans to communicate. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish and select the best media available to you.

Readers: Where do you stand in the “Is email dead?” debate?

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