Analytics Firms Incorporate New Facebook Page Insights

Facebook has an upgraded page insights application programming interface that includes a nifty metric called “people talking about this.”

This new API is already in new apps from at least three vendors: Context Optional, Wildfire and Webtrends. Expect to see many more come forward with their own versions soon.

Now let’s back up a bit. The people talking about this metric tallies:

  • Liking a page;
  • Posting to a page’s wall;
  • Liking, commenting, or sharing a page’s status update, photo, video, or other content;
  • Answering a question posted by a page;
  • RSVPing to an event hosted by the page;
  • Mentioning the page (users must formally tag the page);
  • Tagging a page in a photo;
  • Liking or sharing a check-in deal, and
  • Checking in at a place.

The new insights tab will only be available to page administrators, according to Inside Facebook, but pages will display a counter of people talking about this just below their like counts, offering some insight as to how pages are stacking up against those of their competitors.

Administrators clicking on the insights tab will see a graph displaying the page’s weekly total reach and people talking about this, as well as a list of the page’s 500 most recent posts, complete with scores for reach, engagement, virality, and People Talking About This, Inside Facebook reported.

Weekly total reach measures users who have been exposed to owned, earned, and paid media of brands, while Facebook’s friends of fans metric can help marketers estimate the potential viral effects of campaigns and how many new fans they will pick up.

The social network also introduced a measurement of unique users by frequency, which displays the number of times unique visitors accessed the page.

Buddy Media, another major player in the field, launched its ConversionBuddy analytics tool last month, prior to the debut of Facebook Page Insights. ConversionBuddy allows brands to track consumers’ likes and shares on Facebook and follow them through to click-throughs and sales. Buddy Media was a beta partner in the launch of Facebook Page Insights, and it will integrate the social network’s new features shortly.

Context Optional, Wildfire, and Webtrends were the first three of what will likely be a host of analytics and data firms to announce their plans for Facebook Page Insights. Here’s a quick peek at what those three companies are doing.

Context Optional

Context Optional will add two tabs to its Page Stats function: Total Reach, and People Talking About This. Total Reach determines an item’s reach factor and siphons out organic, viral, and paid impressions, as well as overlay post and ad data. People Talking About This functions exactly as described above, and the company’s Post Analytics module will now offer data on reach factor by organic, viral, or paid media.


Wildfire incorporates Facebook’s friends of fans, reach, engaged users, and People Talking About This metrics into its analytics offerings, also providing a cheat sheet defining each analytic.

Friends of fans and people talking about this were described above, while reach (which Wildfire refers to as viral reach) combines engaged users and people talking about this.

The company defines engaged users as anyone who consumes content from a page, such as watching a video or clicking on a link.


New free tool Webtrends Hoverstats overlays the vendor’s analytics on a brand’s Facebook page, with a primary focus on proprietary metric called post strength indicator.

PSI assigns scores from 1-100 to individual posts on Facebook pages based on total reach achieved through fan engagement, including likes, shares, comments, and reach. Scores are updated regularly, and older posts can be retroactively scored.

Webtrends Hoverstats is currently available only as a Google Chrome plug-in, but Webtrends says versions for Firefox and Internet Explorer will debut soon.

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