Facebook Kills "Clear Chat History" Feature, Users Go Crazy

When Facebook pushed out their chat upgrades recently, they also killed of a feature that some people found to be extremely useful: “Clear Chat History”. The feature protected users who were concerned about others looking over their shoulder or while using Facebook on another person’s computer.

Hundreds of people have taken to a forum on Facebook, asking how to clear chat history under the new system. Unfortunate the feature appears to have been removed complete. And unlike gchat, which has an “off the record” setting, there’s no way to avoid having your chat history displayed. This can be pretty annoying, especially if you are engaged in a private conversation.

While Facebook is constantly improving their products, they occasionally make a change that angers a lot of users, including the latest change which was killing of the “Clear Chat History” feature. While this change actually took place before the new group chat was rolled out last week, the change was still relatively recent. Did you use the feature? What would make Facebook chat more useful for you?

Clear Chat History Screenshot

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