Facebook Like Plugin For WordPress Released

-Wordpress Logo-Want to instantly add Facebook’s Like button to your WordPress blog? No need to worry about dealing with Facebook’s upgraded JavaScript SDK or anything else. You can simply install the new WordPress Like plugin and get up and running in only a couple of clicks. The new plugin works with both XFBML and as an iFrame. While there are some challenges of using Like button’s with the old Facebook Connect library, this new plugin should make implementing the Like button easy for WordPress site administrators.

Pierre Chambon, the developer of the WordPress Like plugin, has told us that the add on has seen significant traction over the weekend as it has been translated into 5 languages and will be translated into an additional 3 in the near future. There’s also an interesting option to create separate Facebook Pages for each of your articles, although this is something that Facebook has advised against.

Instead, Facebook prefers that Open Graph objects (which are subsequently turned into Facebook Pages) be a reflection of “real-life things”. As they state within their Open Graph documentation, “users don’t want news articles and other transient content as objects on their profile”. Despite not wanting this, there is clearly an incentive for developers to essentially spam the Open Graph system, something that I’m sure Facebook will create further restrictions around.

While best practices are still being developed for the Facebook Open Graph API, owners of WordPress blogs can now easily implement Facebook’s like button, with this simple plugin. Go download the Facebook Like plugin now and let us know what you think!

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