Snooth ‘Is Tasting’ New Use For Facebook Like Button

One company looking for new options for Facebook’s like button might want to consider “let it breathe,” “pour,” “sip,” “toast,” “clink,” or “cellar.”

Actually “is tasting” was the choice of Snooth Media, a wine community on the Web, which allows its users to search, discover, review, and recommend wines.

Snooth is just one company planning to take advantage of the social network’s transition to GraphRank from EdgeRank, and the changes it will bring to the like button, believing that posts saying someone “is tasting” a wine will draw more attention and engagement than posts reading that someone “likes” a wine.

The company is also the parent of cocktail site The Spirit and culinary destination What’s Cookin’, opening up a host of possibilities for reimagining the like button.

Chief Executive Officer Rich Tomko said, “We’re announcing a new way for people to connect around tasting wines and discovering new wines with their friends on Facebook. Through the Facebook platform, people can share the experience of tasting and reviewing wine, making their online experience more personal and relevant.”

Readers, are you swimming in the endless possibilities for tweaking the like button to match the target audience of websites or Facebook pages?

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