Facebook-Connected App Users Are More Likely To Be Paying Customers

Mobile applications that have easy, one-tap Facebook login buttons have made it easier for users to sign up and interact. The social network also found that users who connect their Facebook accounts to apps are more likely to spend money. Citing numbers from top apps such as SongPop, Bingo Blitz, and Diamond Dash, Facebook wrote about how valuable that easy connect option is.

In a post on its developers blog, Facebook’s Zoran Martinovic wrote that people who sign up for mobile apps with the Facebook login button tend to spend more time (and money). They also come back more often.

Perry Tam, CEO of Storm8 (maker of games such as Slots and World War), felt that Facebook’s login process has definitely helped his mobile games:

Facebook creates a stronger network effect and connection to the game and among gamers, which results in higher retention with our games. Features like a leaderboard and gifting keep users engaged as they progress through game levels together, while at the same time attracting new players.

Facebook found that several games have had success with both engagement and monetization by utilizing the site’s signup and login process:

  • 52 percent of those who play Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? sign in through Facebook, and the game’s developer claims that 70 percent of revenue from the game comes through Facebook users.
  • On Bingo Blitz, Facebook users account for 55 percent of total revenue on all mobile devices.
  • 70 percent of Diamond Dash’s users connect via Facebook, and developer Wooga said that those who log into the game through Facebook are nine times more likely to spend money.
  • 63 percent of daily players on Family Feud & Friends used Facebook to connect, and those players generate 70 percent of the game’s revenue.
  • On Slots Journey, the seven-day retention rate is 322 percent higher for Facebook users than nonconnected users, and connected users are 214 percent more likely to spend money within that first week.
  • Facebook-connected SongPop users spend 35 percent more on average than those who aren’t on Facebook.
  • Storm8 notes that Facebook users are seven times more likely to spend within a game.
  • On TopEleven, 78 percent of Android users and 79 percent of iOS users connect with Facebook. On iOS, 83 percent of payers are Facebook users.
  • With Dragonplay games, Facebook users engage 135 percent more and are 274 percent more likely to convert to paying users. On average, Facebook users spend 85 percent more.

Readers: How often do you spend money within apps after connecting via Facebook?

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