Facebook Marketing: The Busy Person's Cheat Sheet

While you could write a book about Facebook marketing, the reality is that the most important things can be summed up in a few sentences. After covering Facebook marketing for the past few years, I’ve decided to compile the most important things you should know. Bottom line: you’ll look like a Facebook marketing genius after taking one look at this page!

How To Find Demographic Data

I’m amazed with how many people are not aware of how to find demographic information on Facebook. Simply put, Facebook has made a treasure trove of data available via their Facebook Ads tool. While the data is not necessarily updated daily, the information provided via the Facebook Ads creation page (found via http://www.facebook.com/ads/create) is priceless. Whether you want to find out how many people that match your target demographic are on Facebook or you just want to play around with interesting Facebook statistics, the ads creation tool will give you estimates about the number of people on Facebook that match a given interest, gender, age, relationships status, and more.

Types Of Facebook Ads

There are two primary types of Facebook ads: self-serve and engagement ads. Engagement ads are the advertisements that big brand advertisers buy. You need to be ready to drop $25,000 or more (the minimum amount changes from day to day and person to person) if you are looking to get one of these spots. Engagement ads are shown on Facebook’s homepage after a user has logged in. Unless you have the big bucks you should probably just forget about these ads. An example of an engagement ad used to promote the movie Bruno is included below.

Bruno Engagement Ad

The second type of Facebook advertisement is the self-serve Facebook ads. By visiting the Facebook Ads creation tool I listed in the first tip, you can get up and running in no time at all. The key value of Facebook ads is this: you can target people by countless variables that no other advertising platform can provide at scale. That means you can create an ad which only gets displayed to those who live in your small town. Alternatively you could create an advertisement which targets all people who are fans of the San Francisco Giants. The opportunities are endless.

Responder Demographics

Are your Facebook Ads not performing the way you were hoping them to? While there isn’t one single change you can make that will suddenly result in instant profitability and pay for your Caribbean holiday vacation, you can most definitely make one improvement that will improve your performance. If you have paid for Facebook ads, you will be able to access your campaign reports (found here). From that area you should access the “Responder Demographics” report.

Responder Demographics Screenshot

By reviewing this report you can determine what demographics are responding most to your advertisements. By recreating similar ads which target only those groups you can increase the performance of your ads. For more details on this strategy, check out this comprehensive post about responder demograhpics.

Reveal Tabs

Whether you prefer to call them “landing tabs” or “reveal tabs”, anybody who is managing Facebook Pages needs to know about these. When your visitor lands on your Facebook Page they will immediately see your “landing tab”, if configured properly. By using a “reveal tab” you can encourage new visitors to like your page immediately. We’ve outlined the full concept of a “reveal tab” in the following article, however the image below depicts an example of a reveal tab. Get creative and you’ll see an improvement in your new visitor fan conversion. If you want to know how to create a Facebook reveal tab, check out this article.

Reveal Tab Screenshot

Profile Photo Hacks

Hanging Profile PhotoWhile this change has a debatable impact on the performance of your Facebook Page, it most definitely can make things look much more appealing. By coming up with a creative Facebook Page photo you can generate a great response. Check out our guide about creative Facebook profile photo hacks which outlines the basic concept behind creating an interesting Facebook profile photo. While we haven’t tested the performance of this, we’ve seen many people put calls to action in their profile photos as well as other creative techniques. Get clever and you’ll surely evoke a positive response from your Facebook fans!

Static FBML

While there are a bunch of Facebook Page applications, there are only a few that you really need to know about. However, if there’s only one Facebook Page application that you are going to install, it should be the Static FBML application. This application not only enables the creation of reveal tabs (which we previously defined) but it also enables the majority of custom content posted on Facebook Page tabs. With a little bit of HTML knowledge and the Static FBML application, you can bring your Facebook Page to the next level.

Merge Places With Pages

Facebook Places LogoWhile there are a number of examples of companies who have integrated Facebook Places into their marketing strategy (see here), there isn’t really a clear cut way to do so. One of the most obvious ways is to host promotional scavenger hunts, in which users are rewarded with free items as they check in to various places around a city or neighborhood. Red Bull did this as part of a promotion with San Francisco Giants Star, Tim Lincecum.

SCVNGR, has launched their own service to enable companies who have a physical presence to offer rewards for completing various tasks, which involves checking in on Facebook. The final way to integrate Facebook Places into your business is by merging your Facebook Page with your Places page. This is for those companies who have a single physical presence. If you want details on merging places and Pages, check our our guide to Facebook Places for business.

Facebook Promotions

The other type of promotion which has been extremely effective is contents and giveaways on Facebook Pages. These sorts of contests help drive engagement and also help pages acquire new fans quickly. While Facebook has restrictions on how promotions can take place from within Facebook Pages, there are numerous companies who are currently providing services to enable promotions and giveaways. Check out Wildfire and Involver for more details.

Keep in mind that all promotional activities must follow Facebook’s promotional guidelines (found here).

Members Project Promotion

All Facebook Marketing Terms

Dictionary IconCPM, CPC, AR, CPF, Reveal Tab … what do all these terms mean? If you’re new to Facebook marketing or even an expert, there’s a chance that you may not understand a term that you just heard. That’s why I developed the Facebook marketing dictionary. It’s the ultimate resource for all the terms you need to know. While I could list them all here, it’s easier to just

Post Images And Videos

Simply put, images and videos will generate a greater response from fans of your Facebook Page. To be honest there really isn’t much else I can say about this. If you want to generate a greater response from your fans, you have the best odds of getting comments and likes by posting photos and videos!

Facebook Social Plugins

Fan Box IconFacebook has a number of social plugins to help out those companies which have a company website or blog. By using the like button, the fan box, and other social plugins, companies can dramatically increase engagement on their site and traffic. While there are numerous social plugins (found here), the three most important are the like button, fan box, and recent activity plugin. For a complete guide to leveraging these and the benefits of social proof provided by Facebook social plugins, check out this article.

That’s It

You have now had a comprehensive Facebook Marketing 101. Congratulations! Now you can tell your boss that you’ll be handling all the company’s Facebook marketing needs. If you want to stay up to date on all the latest Facebook marketing techniques, register for our Facebook marketing newsletter.

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